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Material Glass

The first Android theme created for Android 5.0.

Material Glassclose
  • Running since Lollipop and still going with Marshmallow.
  • Supports over 60 overlays in both CM and RRO, and comes with over 200 icons.
  • Also contains a full app UI with online wallpapers
  • Over 500 000 downloads!
Frost for Facebook

A comprehensive third party Facebook app, made with design and functionality in mind.

Frost for Facebookclose
  • Fully themeable
  • Battery friendly
  • Uses the graph API

An extensive collection of Kotlin Android Utils

  • Huge package of one line extension functions
  • Custom UI views
  • Adapter items and animators
  • SearchView
  • Custom delegates

An android UI framework library for heavy designs.

  • Built around the coordinator layout view
  • Supports easy FAB and permission handling with EventBus
  • Comes with many useful util methods
Icon Showcase

An extensive UI library for icon packs.

Icon Showcaseclose
  • Also contains a request tool, a preview viewpager, a wallpaper chooser, and more.
  • Created with Jahir Fiquitiva

An extensive Facebook chatbot with Firebase integration.

  • General chatbot through pandorabots
  • Supports reminders and notifications
  • Can change chat colors, chat title, and chat nicknames
  • For a full list of features, message "@allanbot help"
Allanbot Official

New bot, new features; uses the official messenger SDK

Allanbot Officialclose
  • Currently built to scrape for McGill lecture recordings.